Sunday, May 13, 2012


Cubans Celebrate Happy Mother Day

Call Cuba Cell Phone Bonus

Cuban Cellular company Cubacel has a Mothers Day promotion that gives you twice as much calling time for half the cost if you buy long distance calls to Cuba for talking with your mother.
Its called  Double Mother's Day Bonus and is available at

Starting May 1 at to June 1 Cubacel will offer to double minutes to the balance of the cell phone for Mother's Day so you can talk with your mother twice as long courtesy of Cuba Cell. This offer is sure to please all Cubans who wish to communicate and congratulate their mothers, family and loved ones.

You can also purchase this Cubacel Double minutes offer as an excellent gift for family and friends in a simple way to double the value of the long distance investment for a lot less money.
All you have to do is recharge your mothers cell phone in Cuba within this month with any price over 20 CUC or more which automatically Cubacel doubles the payment minutes credited to your Cuban recipient's phone .

The Etecsa Cubacel Double minutes for half the price promotion do not expire and the balance recharge free bonus have no time limit for usage so you cannot loose any value with this Cubacel promotion.
You can use the Cellphone or mobile credits to recharge on all prepaid cellular services and all international prepaid calling cards of Cubacel.

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