Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Cubano William Levy Selected as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Of Grey


Miami rumors that Cuban born Latin heart breaker William Levy has been chosen to star as handsome and hot billionaire Christian Grey in the exploding new women porno movie "Fifty Shades of Grey. William Levy who was born in Havana Cuba first made his American TV debut as the hottest Cuban Hunk ever on Dancing with the Stars. William basically stole the dance show as women flocked to their TV's to watch his hot Latino body shake them hot and silly. Mario Lopez suggested role to Levy as the"Fifty Shades of Grey" porno movie role of rich, athletic, romantic and gorgeous multimillionaire Christian Grey for William Levy. William will do well in his American career as this would be one of the most important male lead roles in Hollywood.

William Levy - 2012 Dancing with the Stars cel...
William Levy  (Photo credit: Movie-Fan)


William Levy's Latin fans know that Havana's loss is Miami's gain and William would make a perfect Christian Grey since he already is the number one latin soap star in all of Latin America and the huge American Latin audience. He even landed the role as the number one spoles person for Pepsi so expect to see alot more of William Levy  in commercials and on your TV screen as the male solution to Sofia Vagara. William Levy is as close to perfection as any Latino man can be with his massive rock hard muscular chest and super cute ruggedly boyish good looks.
This role of Christian Grey will be the number one dream role for any Hollywood Latin leading man and many have been suggested but it looks like William is set to be selected according to Miami movie insiders. Latino women would love William bring all of their Fifty Shades fantasies to life on screen and off screen to fulfill romantic dreams in real life, but they will have to settle for the big screen Movie debut of "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

Millions of Latin and now American women are getting a little hot under thier panties at the thought of being William Levy's love slave  and blushing red hot just thinking about William's incredible perfect muscular strong body so when William Levy said he thinks all men should be like exactly like Christian Grey? Grantee that women al over the world did not know whether to explode or just take a ice cube shower.

Vote here for William Levy to play the handsome millionaire Christian Grey in the steamy romantic erotic porno "Fifty Sades of Grey?

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Sunday, May 13, 2012


Cubans Celebrate Happy Mother Day

Call Cuba Cell Phone Bonus

Cuban Cellular company Cubacel has a Mothers Day promotion that gives you twice as much calling time for half the cost if you buy long distance calls to Cuba for talking with your mother.
Its called  Double Mother's Day Bonus and is available at www.HablaaCuba.com.

Starting May 1 at to June 1 Cubacel will offer to double minutes to the balance of the cell phone for Mother's Day so you can talk with your mother twice as long courtesy of Cuba Cell. This offer is sure to please all Cubans who wish to communicate and congratulate their mothers, family and loved ones.

You can also purchase this Cubacel Double minutes offer as an excellent gift for family and friends in a simple way to double the value of the long distance investment for a lot less money.
All you have to do is recharge your mothers cell phone in Cuba within this month with any price over 20 CUC or more which automatically Cubacel doubles the payment minutes credited to your Cuban recipient's phone .

The Etecsa Cubacel Double minutes for half the price promotion do not expire and the balance recharge free bonus have no time limit for usage so you cannot loose any value with this Cubacel promotion.
You can use the Cellphone or mobile credits to recharge on all prepaid cellular services and all international prepaid calling cards of Cubacel.

Visit www.HablaaCuba.com
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